Monday, July 03, 2006


Fr. Jake offers a good summation of where things stand now as far as the unfolding earthquake in the Anglican Communion. (Now, it is followed by an extensive and wide-ranging set of comments). What I found helpful to notice, some of our Dioceses requesting "alternative Primatial oversight" are not monolithic in that most irregular request. What the Archbishop of Canterbury will do with it is anybody's guess.

Meanwhile, "back at the ranch," young Daniel, his face presently covered in jam, and I enjoy a day together before I head to Honolulu tomorrow for the Episcopal Asiamerica Ministry Consultation.

Being on "hiatus" between calls is strange feeling. . .it's tough to imagine not being at Christ Church -- Sei Ko Kai, but at the same time, I am excited about the coming challenges at Church of Our Saviour!

Much to pray, think, and write about. . .

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Random Ramblings NJ said...


May God be with you on your hiatus and as you get ready to leave one Church and go to another.

I too am getting ready for a vacation.

I have started a blog, check it out some time.