Sunday, June 11, 2006

On General Convention and Good Friends

Let the Convention begin!

My friend, John Kirkley, is reporting in daily from the floor of Convention at his blog, meditatio.

You can also read Mark Harris' take over at Preludium. As one comment from today's blog entry remarked, Harris' remarks are a wonderfully honest blend of conviction and humility.

The Episcopal News Service is covering the goings on:

In other news

The story of another great friend, James Tramel, hit the streets of the Bay Area this past week, with a huge feature article in Street Spirit, including an extensive interview. James has made a most incredible journey through redemption, to ordained priesthood, and to freedom. Well worth a look. . .

James preaches at Christ Church -- Sei Ko Kai next Sunday, on the anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood.

Transitions. . .

. . .are well under way in my family and our little household as Hiroko, Daniel, and I say a loving goodbye to all our dear friends at Christ Church -- Sei Ko Kai, San Francisco, and prepare for me to take up a new position with new and wonderful friends in Christ as Long-term Interim Rector at Church of Our Saviour, Mill Valley. It's tough saying goodbye and hello at the same time, but that is so much the story of our faith, of endings and new beginnings in life, and the ever-changing universe of which we share a tiny part.

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