Sunday, October 08, 2006

Back Online

Coming up for a breath of air. . .

Getting my feet under me at Church of Our Saviour the past few months has been an all-consuming but rewarding journey. Mill Valley's a quiet town, but not without a great deal of culture -- from its film festival to the famous dipsea which trots brave runners up one side of Mt. Tam and down the other.

Things in the greater world have not stopped for my blog (thanks be to God), but the hiatus is over. The schismatics are now sending salvos, as can be seen at Meditatio and Preludium. I offered my own thoughts in today's sermon reflecting on Jesus' heavy-hitting teaching on divorce from the Gospel According to Mark.

I'm blessed that the feisty parish here wants to stay posted on events in the wider communion. There's no being disconnected here, so much work ahead!


It's good to rekindle the blog again.


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