Thursday, November 30, 2006

Looking over the brink. . .

On the eve of San Joaquin's diocesan convention, where they will decide whether or not to begin following the process -- sanctioned by Bishop Schofield -- of removing the Episcopal Church from their constitution and canons, the Presiding Bishop, along with those willing to meet with her, has made a proposal responding to the request for alternative primatial oversight. It is a gracious proposal, as it demonstrates pastoral sensitivity and clear devotion to the discipline and order of this branch of the Church, even in the face of a barrage of vitriol and slights. Even though rejections are being launched in response, I believe ++Katharine has demonstrated an unassailable position to this stage. May that play well with the Archbishop of Canterbury and the other Primates still at the table. May that be a blessing for the Anglican Communion and the Episcopal Church.

Mark Harris offers superb analysis even while the ink is drying and the e-mails are still opening.

Prayers are in order. The ecclesiastical cards are about to be placed on the table.

Where's the God card? Well, everyone has one. Question is, will we be playing it as Jesus would have us? That's a useful question, it seems to me, for the beginning of Advent.

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