Friday, December 08, 2006

Walking, Talking, Breaking Bread, and Dying for Peace

The spinmeisters will spin.
The cynics will shrug their shoulders.
The planners will plan more destruction
. . .and profit from it.
Our sisters and brothers will forfeit their lives
For the wishes of someone in faraway comfort.

While we attempt again to buy freedom at the point of a gun.

As you read this a mother is weeping for a lost child,
the pangs of hunger roar like anger through another's soul,
and well-heeled watchers keep their vigil and post.

For when will our bread be broken for all, our life poured out
for the children of the Earth, tenderly offered without fear or condition?

When will words of peace not bear the price of our power or the fee of fallacy
. . .spun as truth?

When will the Children of God dismantle the children of death, those arsenals too awful to see?

So we pray, we walk, we talk, we break bread, and we die for peace -- each day, each breath, each hope into darkness.

Jan has more at Happening Here and John Kirkley has a brief reflection at Meditatio. For a "secular" perspective, check out Civic Center. And links to lots more pictures can be found at the Diocesan website.

photo from Happening Here

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Unknown said...

Hi Richard, thanks for the pics, very moving to see a man in purple on the front lines, also good to see so many familiar California faces.

Greetings and blessings from your old chaplain....