Tuesday, January 16, 2007

On Being Patronized

Bishop Paul Marshall of the Diocese of Bethlehem posted on the House of Bishops/Deputies listserve a stinging, but heartfelt letter questioning the Archbishop of Canterbury's patronizing behavior towards The Episcopal Church.

MadPriest posted the full text, as did several other attentive bloggers, including my friend and colleague John Kirkley at meditatio, and attention has been given to it overseas. (As a side note, there's been a study in who "got it up first," a somewhat fascinating exploration of the peculiar dynamics of the blogosphere!)

I commend Bishop Marshall's letter as a study of the frustration many of our leaders are feeling at the moment, again at the way the current "crisis" in the Anglican Communion is being both framed and handled by those most influential on the Communion's agenda and direction.

Extensive commentary is appearing at MadPriest's site above, over at Mark Harris' Preludium, and there's a bit more at Jim Naughton's blog.

As John Kirkley puts it, this is another (although, in this case, verbose) breath of fresh air coming out of the Diocese of Bethlehem, following on the heals of their Standing Committee's reasoned and clear decision not to consent to the consecration of Mark Lawrence+ as Bishop of South Carolina.


MadPriest said...

Not so much a debate as just me having a whinge. I posted the full text before anybody else and if others had referred people to my blog as well as the biiger sites that followed me on the story, my little blog would have had loads of hits yesterday some of whom may have regularly returned. Opportunities to grow your blog, like somebody sending you something earlier than it should have been released, turn up very rarely and it may never happen to me again. So I was upset at missed opportunities.

By the way, you have an intelligent and interesting blog here and I have added it to my feeds and blogroll. (no big deal, I know, but from small acorns...)

R said...


Thanks for the compliment of a visit and a comment! A good whinge is great for the soul sometimes. Personally, I'm known to whinge more often than I should. (Just ask the people who have to put up living with me!)