Saturday, March 24, 2007

Looking Forward

I spent Thursday morning with one of our parishioners at a diocesan Millennium Development Goals summit. Bishop Marc was there, along with Sheila Andrus, still fresh from South Africa and TEAM 2007 with eager stories to tell (and Bishop Marc was barely off the plane from Camp Allen). So too were John Kirkley, Sean McConnell, John Kater, Julia McCray Goldsmith, Michael Barlowe, Anna Lange-Soto and other good friends (and mentors!) in the blogosphere and Diocese -- Sally Bingham of CIPL fame, and yet more of our many wonderful leaders from around the Episcopal Church in the Bay Area and the School for Deacons, and the Church Divinity School of the Pacific.

So we talked some about Camp Allen and the House of Bishops statement. Bishop Marc has now posted a letter to the Diocese.

As a Church, we are now more focused on the future. . .and what we share in common with the Anglican Communion and greater world: the aching heart of Christ in the ravaged places of the world and creation, yearning to move out from under the power of disease, death, and degradation.

Mark Harris has a simple, but great proposal up right now on his blog, quoting the White Rabbit. I'll let you go to his site to see it for yourself -- but I almost snatched it for my blog. It's messy and perfect. It says it all. It's the way forward.


Anonymous said...

Rowan Williams really needs to visit the American bishops

R said...

Ah, Brother Causticus! How charitable thou art.

June Butler said...

That's a beautiful letter from Bishop Marc. He's got his eyes on the ball.