Friday, March 09, 2007

Our Church's Heart

Lest we thought the heart of the Anglican Communion just met in Tanzania, the mission of the Communion is very much in front of our future and present leaders, lay and ordained, gathered together at TEAM 2007 in South Africa. Archbishop Ngundane: What is TEAM?

You can read some of the reflections of the young adults gathered there with the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Archbishop of South Africa, our own Bishop Marc, and many others, as they seek ways to expand the Communion's leadership in addressing the awesome challenges of AIDS, hunger, and the Millennium Development Goals.

Bishop Marc and those traveling with him have also been blogging each day, beginning with this post.

For my money, this is where the real Anglican Communion's at. . .past, present, and future.

Prayers go with them all!

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Anonymous said...


Thanks so much for the encouragement--it is truly an amazing experience to be here! You are our top referring blog so thanks for getting the good word out to the world. We will convert this blog from a diary to an action center for Anglican young adults from across the communion to share ideas, lift one another up, and plan for key events in 2007, including 07.07.07 (mid-MDG campaign policy checkpoint), and Stand Up Against Poverty (10/17/07). More soon!

This experience has been an exercise of Lent involving practices of taking-on as much as fasting. In the past weeks, my focus on fasting has been a fast from fear, now refracted through the experiences and passions of so many others from around the world.

Lenten blessings,

Thom Chu