Tuesday, July 10, 2007

In Response

. . . to the vitriol that has erupted over the past few days in the Anglican blogosphere, our beloved Tobias Haller has written an admonition, one that we might all do well to follow.

As a warning, he writes:

Anger, offense, luxuriating in one’s own victimization, in being insulted and injured, can be powerful sources of emotional energy. They are stimulant drugs, the energy drinks of the soul; and though they “give you wings” I fear they are the kind with scales instead of feathers. They may help you build up a head of steam, but their addictive quality will lead you to seek for more and more offense, rather than seeking peace, understanding and reconciliation. Revenge, whether served hot or cold, may be tasty but it is not nutritious. The junk food of the soul will leave you empty and exhausted.

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