Thursday, May 13, 2010

Climbing a Masterwork

Beethoven: Piano Sonata #21 in C, Op. 53 "Waldstein"

Richard Helmer
performed live at Church of Our Saviour Mill Valley, California
May 8, 2010
The Waldstein has been my small mountain for a while now. And sometimes, you just have to climb those small mountains, even if you're not sure you're ready.
It was a blessing to play this for such a sympathetic and loving audience. There is more work to be done, but I feel grateful to have gotten this far with this immortal masterwork.
Herr Beethoven keeps me hard at it!
Photo from the performance by Terry Peck
Grotrian piano provided by JB Piano, San Rafael, California


Anonymous said...

Hi Richard, I just happened to find your blog while I was saying the Daily Office on the Daily Office site. I really like what you're doing and saying. Just great. Rob

R said...

Thanks, Rob, for stopping by! See you soon. . .