Monday, May 07, 2007

Anglican Pie

And just when the weekend was strange enough. Reports out this morning say that Don Armstrong, who has returned from charges of misappropriation of funds to lead his church in Colorado Springs to CANA, was on the receiving end of a pie tossed at him in the middle of yesterday's liturgy by an 18-year-old acting on behalf of disgruntled parishioners.

Armstrong, who ducked, has not been above unspeakably nasty verbal pies tossed at The Episcopal Church, it seems.

And Archbishop Akinola sent off a transatlantic pie himself directed at The Episcopal Church, of course, via a letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury. Mark Harris parses brilliantly again, and I have little to add to his analysis, except that Padre Mickey has the best cliff notes synopsis of the letter:

"Look at what The Episcopal Church made me do NOW!"

Again, he surprises no one. And I will surprise no one by saying again that dear Peter can keep his pie, thank you very much. And he has my prayers.

Such bizarre behavior at a time when so many seem intent on getting out their Christian "credentials" for the world to see. But, then, as Fr. Jake points out, pies might be better weapons of choice for guys who feel the need to throw something.

Yesterday evening, I enjoyed a delicious piece of key lime at a nice dinner out with my family.

What's your favorite kind of pie, to eat, or even throw on occasion?

This whole episode provoked the re-writing of a most popular song over at Fr. Jake's place. Go and join the fun!


Padre Mickey said...

For eating, I swear by the Rhubarb pie, although since we live in Panama, a rhubarb-free zone, I get a cherry pie for my birthday.

For throwing, while the Banana-cream pie is tasty and smells good, I find that a pie tin filled with shaving cream does the job best!

Anonymous said...

I'm not a big pie eating fellow, but if pressed, I'd choose apple or key lime.

I'd much rather have cheesecake, but that might be too heavy to throw at someone. ;-)

PseudoPiskie said...

I like banana cream but only on graham cracker crust. I wouldn't turn down most fruit pies but I'll leave the rhubarb to the good Padre.

Shaving cream is more gentle on the face but, my, it tastes TERRIBLE.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the mean streak/sweet tooth question.

I like Lemon Marange for eating.

I like Boston Cream for throwing.

Ann said...

Don't really care about pie but a nice chocolate cake would be delicious.

Raspberry Rabbit said...

Lemon meringue - made from scratch - nothing out of the packet.

Blueberry pie - with half the blueberries fresh folded into the other half cooked and placed in a pre-baked pie shell. Makes a great dessert but I suspect the stains would be hard to scrub off if said pie were to be used in any unauthorized manner

David said...

Favorite hot pie: Cherry. With a tad bit of almond extract mixed in the filling, and a basket-weave crust top, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.

Favorite cold pie: Lemon icebox in a graham cracker crust, with whipped cream topping sprinkled with bits of candied lemon rind (vs. meringue).

For throwing: None. Why waste good pie on someone like Don Armstrong ? But if you must, then shaving cream :)

Anonymous said...

For eating, my favorite is homemade apple, made with fresh apples. For throwing, I recommend a gooky commercial blueberry pie with shaving cream on top.

Anonymous said...

I myself was thinking about blueberry for throwing in a case such as this, largely because of the itty bitty fruit pieces dripping blue stains all over . . . but I would use a crumb crust to improve the SPLAT on impact.

June Butler said...

Peach pie! But I never waste good food.