Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Nails for the Covenant

Mark Harris is reporting that the Global South, headed by Archbishop Peter Akinola, is now preparing an "Anglican Catechism" to present to the Primates' Steering Committee in June of next year.

Just in time to hammer some more nails into the coffin of the covenant process, when it was in no need of help of trouble to begin with.

Apparently, the 39 Articles aren't enough. Nor is the 1662 Book of Common Prayer. Nor is the Chicago-Lambeth Quadrilateral. Nor are the Instruments of Unity and an over-powered Primates Meeting. And even the proposed covenant isn't enough.

Kudos to the Archbishop of Nigeria and Global South leadership. The movement to purify the belief system of the Communion, if not create a communion of their own, is apparently gaining steam even as the self-described orthodox among us argue over the value of the show in Virginia a couple of weekends ago.

My question is who will want to play this game to create some kind of uniformity when the cherry-picked "rules" are constantly changing? First there was 1998.I.10. Then there was Windsor. Then there was a covenant. Now there will be a catechism. What next? And even if the game is "won," the uniformity for the winners isn't likely to be real. There will be plenty of other things to fight about later on.

Mark Harris is right. The end game really is in sight. And it's likely to be messy.


June Butler said...

Coffin nails for the Covenant? All to the good, I say.

Is seems the Communion will divide, or perhaps is already divided. Only the formalization of the split remains.

All of waffling and straddling and attempts at appeasement by the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Windsor bishops have come to naught.

KJ said...

Cookie cutter Christians. Boring and not very dynamic.

Anonymous said...

kj's analogy resonates with me, but I'd go a step further... The braindough is rolled out and smashed to mush before it is cut in identical cookieshapes, all baked for the same length of time, all tasting the same... none of the surprises like crushed ginger or choco-bits, none of the taste treats like a pinch of mace, none of the variety that M&Ms would add to the cookie dough... Sounding more and more like grocery store readymades, all larded out with the same garish frosting on every one.

Boring, boring, boring, cookies. My li'l cousins wouldn't even be interested.

I don't think Jesus would like them, either.

KJ said...

Yes, yes... what Padre Wayne said!

We are to be the diverse, homemade, butter-based, kooky cookies of Christ!