Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day

I spent much of it in the ER.

Daniel is very much in three-year-old exuberant running mode, and he collided with a table at Church immediately after worship services this morning. I came down for our coffee/social hour to find him surrounded by parishioners: concerned parents, our bookkeeper who is generally on top of everything, and at least one physician. Hiroko could hardly see what was happening.

Four hours, two canceled appointments, three bandages, and one stitch later, Daniel's again bouncing off the walls and his mother and I are chasing our sanity.

Gotta' love parenthood. . .or as Hiroko says, taihen!

I'm squeezing your head!


Chuck Blanchard said...

As a father of an active 2 and half year old, I can certainly relate. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

June Butler said...

Richard, he's adorable. I pray for a speedy healing for Daniel and for you and Hiroko, also.

Jane R said...

Hurrah! Finally a picture! Adorable. And glad all is okay. Hope you and Hiroko get a nap sometime soon.

Claire said...

Isn't that just exactly what both three-year-olds and Father's Day are all about? Looks like Daniel could give my two a run for their money and then some.... he's gorgeous.

(Do look us up if you're ever passing through Osaka!)